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    Jim Brown & Sons Trucking
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    Family owned and operated
    Since 1973
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    120x80 foot, 4-bay Service Shop
    with licensed mechanics, tire experts, and welding capabilities

Welcome Reliable trucking services with a family feel

Jim Brown & Sons Trucking fleet in the early years


Jim Brown & Sons Trucking has been in operation since 1973. We are family owned and are operating as an independent company. Our great employees, who have been with us for many years, are ready to work every day. Their dedication and reliable natures, create our family atmosphere.

Jim Brown & Sons Trucking trailer


We provide reliable trucking services, with a friendly feel. With our experienced drivers and well-maintained fleet we can service our community by making our roads safe.

Our Services Jim Brown & Sons Trucking is an accommodating, flexible company. We aim to please, and will try our best to make everyone smile at the end of the day. We have over 40 years of experience in the trucking industry and we are always striving to prove our commitment level.



With our 35 end-dump trailers, three live bottoms, and 15 hoppers, we are diversified in the aggregate sector. Our professional drivers have been trained by our on-site safety and compliance.

They share the knowledge and experience to utilize these different trailers to provide a service from start to finish. Whether it’s a county road, or a county yard, we have a trailer to safely haul your material.

Road Salt

Road Salt

1800 feet under Lake Huron in Goderich, Ontario operates the largest underground salt mine in the world.

Jim Brown & Sons Trucking's location is 150 kms East of this huge salt mine, which is a perfect location for servicing Ontario’s road salt needs.

We are proud to say that we have been involved with hauling road salt for over 40 years.

Delivery to the Orangeville Food Bank

Same Day LTL

With freight demands always changing, Jim Brown & Sons Trucking dedicates our service to the Orangeville and the GTA regions.

Every morning at 7:30 am, our dedicated freight haulers prepare for their day. Our normal runs include:

  • Brampton
  • Mississauga
  • Scarborough
  • Concord
  • Guelph
  • Oakville
  • Burlington

Jim Brown & Sons Trucking maintenance shop


With our 4-bay shop, 2-grease bays, and our knowledgeable shop staff, our units are over maintained. Our mechanics pride themselves with their Preventative Maintenance Techniques. Our trucks are not rushed through our shop, which allows for a full-service package. We do not have any pressures of using high-cost shops. Instead, we have built long-lasting relationships with our shop techs, and mechanics. They correspond with our drivers, and have many valuable resources to repair/maintain/ and service the trucks and trailers.

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Jim Brown & Sons Trucking has 40 Years experience in the aggregate/road salt sector.

Variety of trailers

We have a diversified selection of trailers, with end-dumps, hoppers, live bottoms, van trailers and a flatbed.

We will deliver

If you want it hauled by skid, ton, yard or you want it covered by a wet tarp to protect product from Mother Nature's elements, we will deliver.

How can we help you?

We're looking for owner-operators to join our gravel/salt division team